County Championships Info

    County Tickets will be available in the family folders tomorrow morning. Please check your tickets to make sure you have received them for the correct session(s). Tickets are not necessary to get into the pool but are for our team seats. (Seating Chart is attached). If you or a family member are in need of handicap accessible seating, please check into the volunteer desk at the entrance to request seats. One accessible seat ticket and one companion seat will be available on request.

    The number of tickets each team is given is limited. It is 3 per swimmer for Sessions 1, 3 and 4, and 2 per swimmer for Session 2 because it is a "double session" for age groups 13-14 and 15-18. I did my best on ticket requests. If you need extra tickets and haven't asked yet, there are still a few available for all sessions but Session 3 (8U) on Sunday morning. We can't guarantee tickets requested will be together. Overflow seating is available and we do have a few extra tickets for some sessions. If you do not need all of the tickets you received please put them in the 'Anthony' family folder. We are especially in need of a couple of extra tickets for Session 3.

    Please remember that security will be enforced by Georgia Tech and they will be strict about keeping aisles clear and people being in their designated areas as is required by the Fire Marshall.  If we are not in compliance with their regulations, the meet can be shut down until the requirements are met.

    Our volunteer assignments this year are for timing and staging.  I will send out an separate email to the parent volunteers about responsibilities and arrival times.  Thank you so much for helping out--we couldn't do this without you!

    We have some snacks and drinks to provide snack bags for swimmers at the meet.  If you would like to help pack the snack bags, please let me know.

    Please let me know if you have any questions!





    MorningView Manta Rays Swim Team

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    Saturday July 14th

    • Morning Session: 9-10s (7:30am warm-up; 9:20am start)
    • Afternoon Session: 13-14 & 15-18s (DOUBLE SESSION) (1:30 pm warm-up; 3:15pm start)

    Sunday July 15th

    • Morning Session: 8 & Unders (7:30am warm-up; 9:15am start)
    • Afternoon Session: 11-12s (1:15pm warm-up; 3:00pm start)


    • Directions to GA Tech pool: Google the address for best directions from your area:
      • 750 Ferst Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0110
    • Parking: Parking diagram attached
      • Best option - closest parking: The 2018 fee for pre-purchasing parking for the W10 deck is $12 per day (with in-and-out privileges). The cost without pre-purchasing parking for W10 will be $15/cash (with in-and-out privileges). Please visit to pre-purchase parking. It can sell out - don't wait until the last minute to purchase your parking.  Also, make sure that you pick the right day for your swimmer's session.
      • Area 3: $10 cash or credit, no in-and-out privileges
      • Area 2: $5 cash or credit, no in-and-out privileges
      • Area 4: $5 cash or credit, no in-and-out privileges
    • Heatsheets and Apparel will be available first come first serve at the meet in the Apparel store.  Look for the signs or ask at the volunteer table.
    • The meet will be live streamed if you have family that can't make it to the meet but would like to cheer on our swimmers from home.  Visit
    • Order of Events: See attached schedule of events on the last 2 pages of the County Info file - it includes warm up schedule & arrival times.  Team warm up schedules will be issued later on today-Tuesday.
    • Seating Tickets: Tickets are in the family folders. There will be about 300 seats on the sides of the prime seating areas (those numbered tickets that will be assigned to teams) available for overflow seating.  This seating is first come first serve.  Swimmers in the session will not need a ticket. Security will assist spectators to their designated area. Georgia Tech requires that spectators stay in the designated spectator area above the pool deck. Swimmers may be on the pool deck for their designated warm-up period and then to compete in their events. At all other times, swimmers should also remain in the designated team areas.Strollers and large coolers will not be allowed in the venue. Coolers must fit UNDER the spectator’s seat.Only CREDENTIALED Coaches, Officials and Volunteers will be permitted on the pool deck. Security will be postedto enforce this policy.  Parents must stay off deck for Saturday afternoon session; swimmers can meet parents in stands
    • When you travel to GA Tech, make sure you bring tickets your tickets with you as you may be asked to show them by security personnel. They are not needed for entry into the meet but must sit in your numbered seat.
    • GA Tech Natatorium spectator seating diagram attached
    • Awards will be handed out at the Manta Swim Party, Tuesday, July 17. Points are awarded to the team for places 1-30. Top 10 swimmers will receive medals and places 11-30 will receive ribbons. All swimmers will receive a 2018 GCSL County Championships pin.
    • Food and drinks are allowed on deck in the Team areas but must be controlled
    • Parents are NOT allowed on pool deck except during warm-up sessions to bring swimmers to team areas and to collect swimmers during the break after relays.
    • ABSOLUTELY NO ARTIFICIAL NOISE MAKERS – cow bells, “clappers”, etc

    Team Party: Tuesday, July 17th 6:30-9:30pm


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